"Nepean adventure centre is one of the states most modern sport & rec facilities."

Our State of the art high ropes course it one of the most innovative in the country. 
Using a special C-clip Constant Belay system, the participants can link their harness onto the course without the need to clip and
un-clip between challenges.
With 3 levels, and multiple paths to choose from, the participants really can choose their own adventure.

All participants wear a Full body harness and safety helmet, and our experienced instructors remain on the course to assist and motivate participants to get the most out of the activity.

With Breathtaking views over the Nepean River Gorge below, this is definately one of the centres feature attractions.


Ride across the Sky like E.T on our Sky-cycle, the only one of its kind in the country!
This is a great way to introduce participants to heights activities in a familiar way, as they strap in and ride, 2 participants at at time across a zip-line wire to or from our 18 meter activity tower.



The Gorge swing is definitely one of our most popular attractions. Participants are seated 3 at a time, and drawn backwards over 12 metres in the air. Once suspended, it is upto the participants to pull the release leaver, and once released, they are pendulum-swung out over the Magnificant Cateract river Gorge. 
At full height, the participants are over 140 feet over the gorge, and continue to swing backwards and forwards under the devices own momentum.


Every single person that goes on our Gorge swing comes down screaming "I want to go again!"




Our Multi-wall Rock climbing sessions are perfect for beginners and experienced rock-climbers alike.

With vertical and angled faces, and up to 4 participants at once, the rock climbing wall is a great way for participants to test their strength and agility.


Master the Vertical wall. There is nothing quite like the feeling of stepping backwards off a platform and lowering yourself down a vertical face.
Our abseiling tower allows teams of 2 to Abseil themselves down at their own pace over 12 meters. 

Professionally trained abseiling staff use a support rope to maintain complete safety through the entire decent.